Standard Website Development


1-Year Plan


Renewal: HK$6,800/year


2-Year Plan


Renewal: HK$5,800/year


3-Year Plan


Renewal: HK$4,800/year

Standard Package Includes

* Only applicable to 2-year plan or longer
** Please refer to “Prices & Packages” or contact our sales person for more details

You can always buy out your site and own it permanently.
For details, please contact our sales person.

Upgrade to eShop

Upgrade to eShop and enjoy the eShop package at HK$6,000 (one-time payment)
Yearly fee as low as HK$9,288/year


All features in Standard package (website development)

eCommerce related features / module: product gallery, product description, currency settings, delivery cost settings, free shipping setting, product category, product review & rating, coupon, order management, etc.

H5 page development

Start from HK$4,000, please contact us for more information.

Value Added Feature

Multi-language support, membership system, payment gateway integration, customized layout design, online customer service, customized eForm, …

Value Added Service:

Wechat Public Account, Wechat shop, Facebook shop, promotion / campaign mini site, website hosting & maintenance, online POS system, professional photography, H5 page development, Zendesk Facebook customer service support integration.

If you would like to know more about value added services & customized features, please feel free to contact us!

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Various Feature Modules

Ready to meet your needs for a website

Generic Feature

Menu, Banner Slider, Image Gallery, Video Plugin, File Download, News & Blog, FAQ, Keyword Searching, Google Map, Contact Form, Sitemap


Quick access to a particular page

Banner Slider

Content can include images, video, texts and links

Image Gallery

Create an easy-to-browse photo album to users (content from client)

Video Plugin

Support Vimeo/ YouTube/Tudou playlist

File Download

Upload files (PDF/Word/Excel/JPG) for users to download

News & Blog

Updated company and product news or blog


frequently Asked Questions for users' reference

Keyword Searching

Add a search box to your homepage to help users find what they need on your website

Google Map

Display the company' s location

Contact Form

Send user's enquires to specified email address


Index all pages on your site

Design related

Responsive Framework, Theme Template Selection, Stock photo

Responsive Framework

Webpages respond or adapt based on the screen size and change to fit the device (desktop/mobile/tablet) automatically

Theme Template Selection

Variety of templates for customers' choice

Stock photo

Hundreds of commercial stock images for commercial use for your website


Product Image Gallery, Product Description, Currency Setting, Shipping Setting, Free Shipping Condition, Product Category, Product Evaluation and Rating, Coupon, Order Managemnet

Product Image Gallery

Upload multiple product images to facilitate buyers' reference

Product Description

Specify the descriptions, colors, remarks and other information of the products

Currency Setting

Select the settlement currency (example: HKD, USD, GSP, CNY, etc)

Shipping Setting

Create differentiated shipping zones and shipping rules according to your requirement. When users check out, the required shipping fee will be calculated automatically according to particular countries

Free Shipping Condition

Set up conditions of free shipping, such as offering free shipping when an order reaches a certain threshold of the amount

Product Category

Classify the products for easy searching

Product Evaluation and Rating

Users can rate and evaluate the products or services for providing shopping experience for other consumers


Set up different types of promotion coupon for customers such us percentage discount, fixed cart discount, fixed product discount

Order Managemnet

Manage or edit orders based on the purchasing time and status

Marketing and promotion

eNewsletter Subscription, Search Engine Optimization, Social Sharing, Facebook Fan Page, Pop-up Poster(Pop-up Post)

eNewsletter Subscription

With users' email addresses, they can subscribe the e-newsletter to get the latest news, products and activies of your company

Search Engine Optimization

Add the Title tags, Meta tags and related SEO keywords for helping you position your website higher in the serach engines

Social Sharing

Users can share the web page to social networking platforms with an easy click for bringing exposures to your company

Pop-up Poster

Pop-up the poster or advertisement when users enter the website homepage so that they might not miss any important messages

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is now the third largest website in the world.
Facebook fan page is an effective way to reach and connect with audiences

System Function

Website Traffic Statistics, Multiple Level Adminstrator Capabilities, Auto de-face checking, Google Analytics Tracking

Website Traffic Statistics

Track your website visitors

Multiple Level Adminstrator Capabilities

Generate multiple admin accounts with different permission levels

Google Analytics Tracking

Help you to analyze website data and measure user participation

Auto de-face checking

Provide the site supervision on the homepage. Once the website homepage is tampered or injected the malicious code by hackers, it will be recovered to the latest homepage content immediately

Free SSL Certificate

Provide authentication, privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users' personal information

CloudFlare CDN

Cloudflare's CDN is based on next-gen tech which improves the security, stability and loading speed of the website

Value Added Features

Value Added Features, Value Added Services

Value Added Features

Multiple languages, membership system, online payment gateway, tailor-made design layout, online customer service, customized form…

Value Added Services

Set up WeChat public platform, WeChat shop, Facebook shop, promotions and events page, website hosting and maintenance, online POS system, professional photography, H5 website development, Set up and integrate Zendesk account which can connect everything from Facebook, such as the user's comment history on Facebook