RWD Website

RWD website is the new trend of web design since it's friendly for both desktop and mobile devices.

RWD means Responsive Web Design

What is RWD website?

Earlier website design mainly catered for desktop users, it's a pixel based design and the layout was fixed. In the last few years, the mobile device ownership has exploded. According to Hong Kong Government research report, the smartphone penetration rate in Hong Kong is over 85% (persons aged 10 and over).

Users are sticky to their smartphones to browse websites, search for information, do online shopping, etc. How to ensure a pleasant viewing experience for both desktop and mobile users becomes essential to business.

RWD website is fluid, content & elements in the web page will adjust themselves intelligently across various sizes and resolutions for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling. Your potential customers can browse your website anywhere comfortably on their mobile devices and of course desktops.

Why should you choose RWD website?


Looks good across a variety of devices

Responsive web design can adjust web page elements and content such as banner, video, image, etc. automatically in order to fit the device screen that is accessing it.

Easier maintenance

Traditional approach for a better viewer experience on mobile or relatively smaller screen is to develop a mobile site (then you will have 2 separated sites, and the mobile one normally uses as url). When you update website content or upgrade the website feature, you need to take care of both. Instead, you only need one site and one url if it’s a RWD site.

Maximum SEO Potential

Search engines recognize indicators such as traffic, content relevancy, “time on page”, mobile friendly or not to evaluate a website and decide the ranking in search result. If your site is not mobile friendly and your users quickly backtrack or leave your website after clicking in, the search engine will value you site as less relevant or not friendly to users which, as a result, will lower its ranking at next search. Google is prioritizing mobile friendly sites in its search results algorithm and has emphasized on mobile-first optimization in its official documents to developers( RWD site is mobile friendly and easy for visitors to read and navigate.

Cost effective

With RWD site, business does not need a standalone mobile site anymore, and the development cost of a RWD site is far cheaper than a mobile app. For mobile app, not only need to manage both iOS and Android version, and you need to wait for review and approval each time when launching or updating the app to app markets.

H5 page development

H5 is short for HTML 5 which also uses responsive framework. Normally is visually attractive and richer in content. H5 page is preferred by using in scenarios such as event, campaign, product launch, eCard, invitation card, etc as it can easily distributed and read by mobile devices. (If you have interests in H5 Page development, please refer to “Pricing”or contact with our sales person)

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